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The Luxurious & Serene Coastal Lifestyle

Pave your gateway to the breezy, beachy lifestyle with Fyffe Design. With decades of experience under our belt, our seasoned professionals have mastered the art of crafting magnificent Hamptons-style homes tailored to your unique needs and preferences. At Fyffe Design, we take pride in creating exquisite Hamptons-inspired exterior and interior that seamlessly blends classic American North East Coast style and modern American and Australian cladded country home influences.

From beginning to end, we collaborate closely with our clients to create highly functional yet mesmerising Coastal-inspired personal spaces that are built to last.

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Blissful, Beachy, & Breezy Hamptons Design

Creating Bespoke Homes with Classic Coastal Aesthetics

To portray classic coastal living, Fyffe Design puts great emphasis on calming Hamptons-style aesthetics. From pitched roofs, gable dormers and symmetrical facades to white weatherboard cladding – our designers execute each element with great precision to achieve the coastal Hamptons style in its purest form. These features create a functional yet chic exterior, adding a stunning street appeal that impresses you and onlookers beholding the view of your perfect home.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key elements of Hampton’s design?2023-10-10T05:45:46+00:00

The Hamptons style is all about creating a relaxed and cozy feel. It usually features light colours like whites, beiges, and soft blues or greens. You’ll often see unique wall designs like shiplap or decorative ceilings that add a touch of class. Floors and decorative touches often feature natural materials like wood and stone, adding both a sense of warmth and a rustic charm to the overall design.

To complete the look, beach-inspired details are often incorporated. Think seashells in a glass jar, maritime-themed artwork, or even light fixtures that resemble lanterns you might find on a boat. These elements help to create that laid-back, coastal vibe that is so characteristic of the Hamptons style.

Is Hampton’s design eco-friendly?2023-10-10T05:45:09+00:00

While the Hamptons style itself doesn’t inherently prioritise sustainability, Fyffe Design is deeply committed to eco-friendly practices. We provide sustainable material choices and emphasise construction methods that ensure good thermal performance. Additionally, we can design with the principles of a passive house in mind, further enhancing the eco-friendliness of your space.

Can I customise my Hamptons design project?2023-10-10T05:44:36+00:00

Absolutely! At Fyffe Design, we understand that every individual has unique tastes and requirements. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with you to tailor the design to your specific needs. Whether you’re envisioning a particular colour palette, specific architectural features, or unique design elements, our dedicated team is here to ensure your Hamptons design project truly reflects your personal style. We pride ourselves on our teamwork-focused approach, committed to aligning each design detail with your ideal vision of a Hamptons-inspired home.

Can Hamptons design be blended with other styles?2023-10-10T05:44:00+00:00

Yes, absolutely! One of the great advantages of Hamptons Design is its versatility. It effortlessly merges with diverse design styles, including modern, farmhouse, or even industrial, forging a distinct and tailored look. Whether you’re looking to incorporate sleek, modern lines, rustic farmhouse elements, or industrial accents like exposed brick and metal, Hamptons Design provides a flexible foundation that can adapt to your individual tastes. Our design team at Fyffe Design is experienced in merging different styles and can guide you in creating a cohesive look that meets your design aspirations.

How important is natural lighting in Hamptons-style homes, and how is it achieved?2023-10-10T05:39:49+00:00

Natural light is a key factor in setting the mood in Hamptons-style homes. It amplifies the sense of spaciousness and puts a spotlight on the home’s design features and colour scheme. To optimise the influx of natural light, these residences commonly incorporate expansive, floor-to-ceiling windows, skylights, and French doors. The strategic positioning of windows ensures that sunlight permeates the home at various times of the day, fostering a cozy and welcoming environment. In certain layouts, transom windows may be situated above doors or existing windows to introduce additional light without compromising privacy.

What Materials Are Often Used in Hamptons Design Exteriors?2023-10-10T05:39:17+00:00

In Hamptons Design exteriors, shingle siding is a hallmark feature, often made from cedar or other durable woods. Roofing materials typically include cedar shingles or slate tiles. Stone accents, such as fieldstone or flagstone, are commonly used for pathways and steps. Large, energy-efficient windows framed with high-quality metals like aluminium or steel are also a staple. For outdoor living spaces, natural stone like bluestone or travertine is frequently used for patios and pool decks.

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Transform your ideas into a dream space.

Transform your ideas into a dream space.

See how Fyffe Design can help bring your vision to life. Schedule a Free 30-minute consultation with our expert designer to get started. Contact us today!

See how Fyffe Design can help bring your vision to life. Schedule a Free 30-minute consultation with our expert designer to get started. Contact us today!

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