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Crafting Modern Homes That Combine Functionality and Aesthetics

Modern homes are all about functionality, aesthetics, innovative technology, and minimalism. By fusing all these traits, our experts create modern home designs that certainly stand out as the centre of attention in the entire neighbourhood.

We leave no corner or ceiling space wasted, ensuring that every inch of your home is utilised to its fullest potential. Whether you want a home design integrated with leading-edge technology and sustainable building materials or a minimalistic design that lets in natural light and enhances your home’s appeal, Fyffe Design has the expertise to meet all your requirements.

Our team of experienced designers is eager to listen to your innovative and exciting design ideas and work towards bringing your vivid imagination to life.
With over 40+ years of experience and 3000 projects under our belt, we have a deep-rooted understanding of the latest trends in modern housing designs. So, with Fyffe Design, you can expect a contemporary home that truly melts your heart and soul.

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Perks of Designing a Modern Living Space

The sleek lines, minimalist features, and sublime aesthetics make modern homes the #1 choice for aspiring homeowners who want a style and trendy living space. But that’s not all!

Modern home designs go much deeper than just style and beauty. At Fyffe Designs, we emphasise the following factors which perfectly complement a modern home design:

Functionality: Home design should be practical in the real world. Therefore, we craft designs that maximise efficiency and create an organised living space.

Comfort: It’s not all about glamour. We make sure to add comfortable seating, soft lighting, and cozy textures in the home design to enhance comfort and relaxation – the ultimate factors that make a home!

Increased natural light: Natural light captures the essence of the modern home. Therefore, our modern designs incorporate large windows and open-plan layouts that glorify the living space with all-pleasing natural light.

Space-saving solutions: Modern designs make optimal use of limited home spaces by incorporating space-saving solutions, such as built-in storage or multipurpose furniture. These features enable homeowners to maximise their living space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will the design cost?2023-05-09T06:28:51+00:00

The great thing about how we structure our quote is that you can commit as much as you want. Each job will vary in cost due to many factors; however, the cost of each stage will be clearly outlined in the quote.

How long will the project take to complete?2023-05-09T06:29:29+00:00

Generally, each stage takes about 3 weeks to complete; however, depending on the design, it can be shorter. One thing to note is that the council can take up to 6 months to get back to us.

How do you ensure that the project stays within budget?2023-05-09T06:30:08+00:00

We work very closely with many builders who continually update us on current prices. We understand that all designs will also have different grade finishes, materials and will tailor the design to the budget.

Can I have a basement?2023-05-09T06:30:52+00:00

Short answer yes. But this will be very design dependent and vary from council to council. One thing to consider is if you will be using the basement for car parking; if so, it may be more difficult to get this approved through the council.

What is the maximum size I can build my house?2023-05-09T06:32:20+00:00

This will depend on the size of your lot. Typically councils have a restriction on the size of the house as a percentage of the lot. Likewise, this will be the case for CDC, with the maximum internal area being 400m2 for lots 1000m2 or over.

Can I remove trees on my site?2023-05-09T06:33:29+00:00

To remove any tree, you will need approval from either council or a certifier. If you have a large, native, and healthy tree, it is very unlikely that it would be approved for removal.

How many revisions do I get?2023-05-09T06:35:34+00:00

With Fyffe Design, you typically get 3 in the concept stage, 2 in the design development stage and 2 in working drawings. These revisions are specific and limited to each stage.

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Transform your ideas into a dream space.

Transform your ideas into a dream space.

See how Fyffe Design can help bring your vision to life. Schedule a Free 30-minute consultation with our expert designer to get started. Contact us today!

See how Fyffe Design can help bring your vision to life. Schedule a Free 30-minute consultation with our expert designer to get started. Contact us today!

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